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FAQs about IT & Procedure

Q: Which platform will be used throughout the conference since CIMUN 2021 will be held virtually?

 A: We will be using Microsoft Teams for the overall conference and MUN World for conference procedures like voting and motions. All information regarding registration and login information can be accessed via your school. 

Q: Is there a dress code? 

A: Yes. Throughout the conference, all participants are expected to dress formally. Our dress code is gender-neutral, thus, as long as the outfit is formal (no T-shirts with logos or sweatpants) there won't be restrictions on ties or dresses. 

Q: Since it is virtual, does my school still need to provide at least one supervisor (teacher or MUN Coordinator)?

A: Absolutely yes! We require one supervisor per school at least for safety measures. If your school can't provide a supervisor throughout the whole conference, we won't be able to allow your school to participate in CIMUN 2021. 

For further inquiries, please contact or 

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