IT and Technology at Virtual CIMUN

Seeing as CIMUN is being held virtually this year, all participants will need access to an electronic device to use during the conference.

In terms of resolutions, Google Drive will be the primary medium of our conference, as it enables easy resolution sharing, as well as the ability to have multiple people edit the document simultaneously.

In order to hold our conference virtually, we will be using a browser-based platform called Gatherly.  Please note that Gatherly only works on Google Chrome on the computer.  Gatherly does not work on any other browser (e.g. Safari, DuckDuckGo), nor does it work on mobile, including both smartphones and tablets.
Participants will be sent a Gatherly link with which they will be able to join the conference, which will be divided into several "floors", each serving one committee.  Once in Gatherly, participants will have a small black diamond as their "avatar", which they will be able to move around their current "floor" to join conversations, or to move to different floors through the "elevator".  

Gatherly has a very intuitive virtual display for participants, in that it actually has virtual floors that participants can move their avatars (a small black diamond) around.  On Gatherly, multiple floors will exists, with one existing for each committee, with the addition of a CIMUN Team Room, a Conference Room, and a Welcome Lobby.  Delegates will congregate on their committee floor to, comparative to a physical conference, enter their committee room.  Within a floor, participants can enter video conferencing calls by clicking on another participant, or on an ongoing conversation, which will move their avatar into that conversation.  This is how lobbying will work for committees.  

Student Officers (chairs) have an additional option enabled that allows them to broadcast to a floor.  When a chair enables this, it will pull everyone on a floor into one video conference, which will have everyone except for the chairs muted.  To take the floor, delegates should raise their placard (through the Raise Hand function in their bottom toolbar).  The chair will then recognize a delegate to take the floor or deliver a point/motion.  The delegate will then, as the chairs can allow using admin powers, join the chairs in broadcasting to the committee and deliver their speech or point/motion. 

When joining a Gatherly subdomain, a tutorial will pop up, which will explain how to use the basics of Gatherly.

Further information regarding the use of Gatherly will be communicated to Admin Staff, the Press Team, Chairs, and MUN Directors.  

If you are having issues joining with Gatherly, please go to to check your connection with the server.

Further information regarding Gatherly can be found at

Participants from Copenhagen International School who will be physically present at the school campus will need access to headphones which they can connect to their computer.

If you have any questions, please contact the CIMUN Team at: