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IT and Technology at Virtual CIMUN

At CIMUN, Google Drive is used to share working resolutions with the delegates, and is recommended but not required to be used during lobbying time. This due to its feature of allowing multiple users to edit the same resolution at once, however all resolutions submitted to Student Officers and then the Approval Panel must be coherent. As such, all delegates and student officers are expected to bring a laptop or similar device so as to be able to fully participate in the debate. Large pieces of paper (A2) will also be provided for drafting resolutions by hand or to aid in lobbying other delegates. If required resolutions can be printed by student officers and / or the planning team, at the request of a delegation. 


The use of electronics should only be used for issues related to the topic at hand when the committee is in session. The usage of mobile phones will not be permitted in place of a laptop and its usage otherwise is not permitted when the committee is in session.

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