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Resolutions are a committee's decision on how to solve one of their topics. It is a document with multiple clauses, each clause either providing background information or detailing a specific way on how to resolve the topic. There should be a minimum of three operative clauses per resolution as well as a couple pre ambulatory clauses (if not ad hoc procedure). Pre ambulatory clauses provide background information on the topic and tend to provide the 'why' for as to why certain actions should be undertaken. Operative clauses are clauses that specify an action that should be implemented to help resolve the topic.

Guides on how to write a resolution and Ad Hoc procedure are available below, as well as sample resolutions.

Sample Resolution 2: To be Uploaded

Resolutions are basically the Committee's decisions in relation to one of their topics.

Sample Resolutions and guides are available above, alongside the Ad Hoc Procedure.

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