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CIMUN 2021

Justice Through Our Past, Present and Future


Letter from the Secretary-General

Honourable Delegates, Distinguished Chairs, Hard-working Staff and my amazing CIMUN Team, 


The number 3 is the first odd prime number, also the first Fermat prime and the fourth Fibonacci number. However, the significance of three is not only limited to complex mathematics. It has religious significance from the Holy Trinity in Christianity to symbols involving three in Hinduism, but, most importantly, three is the only number that has a connection with us, with our humanity. 


Birth, life, death, also our past, present and future, are all 3 words that summarize our humanity. When determining the theme of our conference, we wanted it to be something about this mysterious yet familiar number, but we also knew we needed to be passionate about the topics we were going to discuss. 


We asked ourselves, “What is the only common point between our past, present and future in this constantly evolving world?” Is it the technology that changes every day, or our perception of ourselves and our world, which is put to test every time a new invention is found? Or is it our idea of justice, that exists in some type of way, the burning desire to create equality? 

Looking at justice in our past, present and future is perhaps the only effective way to understand ourselves, our true human nature, because we always searched for it in the past, we are still looking for it now, and we will fight for it in the future. The concept of it has never changed. However, there are different means and different scenarios in which justice is sought, which are the foundations of the topics of our conference. 


Every motion, amendment, resolution, speech, vote throughout this conference will bring you closer to our humanity, why we do what we do and why countries decide on different policies, but most importantly, it will bring you closer to yourself. 


The number 3 is significant because it is the balance between us, and nature. Not just our environment, but our human nature. At the end of this conference, we are hoping you to find your own definition of three, because for us, it was Justice Through Our Past, Present and Future. 



Ayça Zal 

Secretary-General of CIMUN 2021

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Attending Schools
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