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CIMUN 2018

-- Sustainability --

CIMUN2018 Team

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GA 1 (Disarmament and International Security):

1. Implementing Measures to Ensure the Elimination of All Chemical Weapons

2. Addressing Fourth Generation Warfare

GA 3 (Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian):

1. Managing global migration in the 21st century

2. Combating Child, Early, and Forced Marriages

Security Council:

1. Identifying a sustainable solution to the Yemeni Civil War

2. Intervention in the Rohingya Refugee Crisis


1. Regulating Mining and Drilling Activities in the Arctic Region


We were very pleased and honored by the presence of 3 other schools at our conference, including one foreign school.  Besides CIS, the other schools that attended our inaugural Model United Nations were:

  • Birkerød Gymnasium 

  • Rygaards International School

  • Turin International School (Italy)

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