Ethics and Morals 

General Assembly


GA3 (Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian)

1. Ensuring the eradication of life threatening viruses through global cooperation
2. Promoting the development of and access to biological sex change technologies
3. The question of protecting world cultural heritage sites in regions of armed conflict
Chair: Krish Bhatia
Co-Chair: Katja van der Laan

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GA4 (Special Political and Decolonization)

1. Restructuring national voting systems to ensure access for all
2. The question of neocolonialism committed by governments and non-state organizations.
3. Ensuring universal respect for referendums in regard to the autonomous status of
Chair: Arielle Bhargava
Co-Chair: Sophia Bitner

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GA6 (Legal)

1. Restricting the use of harmful weapons by Riot Police
2. Reevaluating the Geneva Conventions and Protocols
3. The issue of political nominations of diplomats and judicial bodies
Chair: Ayça Zal
Co-Chair: Viktoriia Martianova

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Commission on the Status of Women

1. The issue of gender selective abortion
2. Protecting transgender women from targeted crimes
3. Preventing the use of Date-Rape drugs and other paralytic drugs for non-medical
Chair: Selin Bogers
Co-Chair: Jasleen Kaur

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Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

1. The issue of adequately protecting whistle-blowers and witnesses in order to guarantee the 
     carrying out of justice
2. The question of the rise of nationalist extremism
3. Preventing the trafficking of human organs
Chair: María Lalanda. Bolado
Co-Chair: Aarefa Gittham

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Special Ad Hoc


Security Council

1. The question of reforming the Security Council
2. Encouraging State Secularism
3. To Be Announced Closer to the Conference
President: Clara Brown
Vice-President: Ella Hedberg

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World Health Organisation

1. Controlling the use of gene-editing technology such as CRISPR.
2. Establishing a universal code of conduct for behavior in the case of an epidemic/pandemic.
3. Promoting Universal Vaccination
President: Megan A. Widjaja

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Vice-President: Martin Alexander