Ethics and Morals

Copenhagen International MUN



CIMUN will take place on the following days (2020): 

1st October (Thursday)

2nd October (Friday)

3rd October (Saturday)



CIMUN will take place virtually hosted from Copenhagen International School

Levantkaj 4-14, 2150 København 



Gülçin Karadeniz

European Environment Agency, Head of Media Relations

Kerstin Carlson 
Associate Professor of International Law 
University of Southern Denmark

What is MUN?

Model United Nations is a, as close as possible, re-enactment of the actual United Nations.  Committees are simulated, where delegations debate and create solutions to various real-world issues.  Procedure, topics, nations, organization of debate, and voting systems are mimicked from the actual United Nations.

Note: This conference is a high school conference.  


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